Mechanical Mechs

Mechanical mods (mechs) are essentially a device without a pre-installed battery or any circuitry. A basic mechanical mod is a tube of metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. Along with the tube, there’s a firing pin that allows for the current in the battery to reach the attached atomizer – causing the coils to heat up and vaporize the juice.

Since there isn’t any circuitry involved, they’re extremely durable and modifiable. They are basic, simple BUT potentially harmful.

If you are looking for stronger flavor and increased vapor production, have a solid understanding of ohm’s law and battery amperes limits, a mech mod could be for you!

If you don’t, a regulated mod could be more suitable for you, we supplies a variety of these regulated mods which are safe to use out of the box with little knowledge.

If you still want a mech mod, make sure that you do your research and stay safe. We are at hand in store to help you with anything you might need concerning the safety and usage of these devices.

You can contact us by social media, email or telephone 0191 447 11 71 to speak to our team.

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Showing all 2 results