Element | NS20 Designer Nic Salt Shot – Key Lime Cookie

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NS20 Nic Salts

Achieving satisfaction with a superior nicotine has never been easier

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Element | NS20 Designer Nic Salt Shot – Key Lime Cookie

1 x 10ml bottle

Nicotine 2.0% / 20mg

An amazing rendition of that signature sweet Florida Key Lime flavour


Designer Nicotine Salts: The next step in the evolution of premium nicotine. Element’s nicotine salt e-liquid achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit, yielding optimum fulfillment with a smooth, flavorful experience.

NS20 Designer Nic Salt Range

The NS20 range includes flavours from Element, FAR, The Element Tobacconist Range and more, all in the highest nicotine strength available post TPD/TRPR but with a smooth inhale and exhale thanks to the Salt based Nicotine.

Nicotine salt eLiquids are designed to administer a more potent nicotine hit than the vast majority of current eLiquids provide, and aims to provide the user with a more “natural” nicotine rush that’s similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Whilst the delivery of nicotine to the blood stream is more efficient with Nicotine Salt, the throat hit is much smoother than it would normally be for the same nicotine strength using traditional nicotine. It’s hard to say for sure as everyone is different, but the 20mg NS20 is about as harsh on the throat as the average 3mg-6mg depending on your set up.

Also, due to the fact that it’s a 20mg and works more efficiently in delivering the nicotine to your body, you will use less NS20 eliquid than you would with a traditional 20mg to achieve the same level of satisfaction.


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