Vaping Safety

At Liquid Lounge we take safety very seriously. 

All of our products are 100% authentic, tested by ourselves and amongst a community of vapers before bringing it to our shelves. This way you can be sure everything we supply is safe for proper use.


All of our batteries are checked for safety in store before they are sold to our customers, which then become your responsibility.

We advise that you familiarise yourself with battery limitations, using Ohm's law.

Mech Mod Disclaimer

Mechanical mods can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please be aware you should be familiar with battery safety and ohms law when using/building mech mods. Liquid Lounge take no responsibility for any damage or harm caused if our products are used incorrectly or misused. We will be happy to go through all safety details concerning mech mods and batteries with you if you get in touch with us prior to ordering. Otherwise it is considered safer to use a Moderated Box (Box Mod) for peace of mind.

Hardware Issues

In line with your consumer rights, within 30 days of purchasing hardware from Liquid Lounge, we will be happy to help resolve any problems you may have with hardware. As a reseller, after 30 days have past from purchasing from us, please be advised that it then the responsibility of the manufacturer to assist with any faulty products.

Liquid Lounge would like to stress the importance of not tampering with any hardware as doing so can be dangerous. If you need advice or guidance please contact us and we will be happy to direct you.

If you have any questions at all regarding safety aspects of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Click here for contact information.

TPD Compliance

On 20th May 2017, new TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) legislation came into force in the UK and Europe. TPRP is the UK's interpretation of a revised version of TPD (tobacco products directive) within Europe, which now includes vaping. A set of new rules now apply concerning the sales of nicotine containing electronic cigarettes. This is in order to regulate the quality and safety of products and e-liquids; as well as provide information to customers, so that they can make informed choices on the products they buy.

In a nutshell, these changes mean;

  1. products will have clearer and more detailed labelling.
  2. products will be regulated by the MHRA (medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) using the new TRPR guidelines (all products must pass this).
  3. liquids will only contain a maximum nicotine concentration of 20mg.
  4. liquids will be sold in bottles where the size is to be 10ml maximum.
  5. tanks will have a maximum capacity of 2ml.

Liquid Lounge is fully compliant with these regulations, and has been as of 20th May 2017.

More information can be found on the government website at: