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Ghetto Penguin’s New Look | Ghetto Penguin by Riot Squad


From the same creators as the Riot Squad range, Ghetto Penguin is a 60ml Shortfill series featuring fruity flavours with an additional icy element.

You might already love it, or be yet to try it, but one things is for sure; we can’t help but love the new branding:

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NicSalt…good for us? or good for the U.S

Hi guys and girls, hope you’re all well!

I know, I know.  Russell is normally the man to keep you all informed here but I have something your feedback would be great on (especially you sub-ohmers and mech heads).

so to the real point….Nic salts.


It’s something I imagine you already know of or have at least heard about but for those who haven’t hears my take on it.


A standard cigarette will take roughly 10 seconds for the nicotine to be delivered to the body from the point of inhale.

free base nicotine (‘nic shots’ we all know and use in the standard UK/EU market on a day to day basis) which is extracted from tobacco and mixed with other additives to return the PH balance to neutral for safe consumption, this method on average is 12-15 seconds for nicotine delivery (a little slower yes, but who cares when it taste like pink lemonade or your usual go to!)

Nic salts are extracted directly from the tobacco plant, and is usually found in different formats however nicotine delivery is fastest in this format (less than 10 seconds)

you have your standard shot (at 20mg instead of 18) which makes most short fills land just above the 3mg mark.

you have crystal format which comes in a vial which you add to your e juice and let it dissolve, most sub ohmers report flavour being a little off when used in such devices.

finally you have a TPD/TRPR format, which is a 10ml bottle of e juice pre made to a set strength usually 20mg (element for example are smashing this front, main image for reference)


so in summary nic salts are the fastest to mix with e juice and the fastest delivery system.

in a pre mixed format though its 20mg….that’s a strength most sub ohmers wouldn’t look at…

this is why the increasingly popular pod systems(usually ohm between 1.-1.6) are coming out left right and centre, they help a 20mg strength nic salt vape incredibly smooth with surprisingly good flavour once you realise its not a straight to lung set up.

however we are capped at 20mg so in a premix format its not bad (pricing of 10ml bottles are in my experience priced unjustifiably compared to a short fill)


Without EU regs we could use 50mg nic salt shots in our short fills (like our state side friends, this is also one of the main reasons nic salts are beginning to lead the market there) which would make any juice good for a pod system (VG/PG ratio depending)


Finally my question…. IF buying 20mg(nicsalt) pre mix (tpd/trpr compliant) costs more but will reduce your liquid consumption  as a sub-ohm user is it worth it? would you spend the extra(for a 30ml pack or pre filled pods) at the time of purchase to have your 3mg juice for rda’s and sub tanks go further?

in theory its going to be money saved within 3 weeks but my estimation, and more money saved there after.


most reported to me their liquid consumption (on a typical work day) went from 25-35ml down to 10-15ml by using a small pod system during the day, saving their cloud chasing and sub ohming for the evening ahead….there was also remarks about getting less looks from the public and passing comments (anyone that sub ohm vapes knows what im referring too surely, if not….lucky you)


if you have bothered to read through this I genuinely thank you as it is a lot of information, id be even more grateful to hear what you think of the concept of nic salts and if its something you would try?


Liquid Lounge never wants to stock something our customers aren’t on board with or bring in a product that’s not understood without our friends (you lovely bunch) being clued up.


until next time!



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